Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A Lonely Little State...Suddenly in Love?!

You yawned, your emerald green eyes barely staying open as you stared blankly at the textbook in front of you. You were studying for a test that you had the next day, and you were so bored of it. You needed a break, so you decided to stretch your legs and take a walk. You grabbed your phone, slipping into the pocket of your nearly black jeans and slipped on your favorite hoodie before leaving your room and looking around. After searching for your parents for five minutes, you decided to write a note and left it on the fridge. Dad, Gone to take a walk. Be back later. –S. You locked up the house, smiling as you felt the warm sunlight streaming onto your body.

You began to walk towards the park, which was about 15 minutes from your house on foot. As you walked, you went over what happened to you at school. Let’s see…Test reviews, finished up the outlining for one of my paintings…and totally began crushing on the cute new guy. You thought, smiling as you remembered what had occurred when a new student entered your art class.

“Class, this is our new student, Heracles Karpusi. He’s new to California and will be staying for the rest of this year.” Your teacher had said. You looked up at the new kid and smiled. You WERE California, so you felt odd that you didn’t know about a visitor. “Heracles, you can set up your station beside Sarah’s. Sarah, please raise your hand so he knows who you are.”
Your smile grew, and, raising your hand, said, “I’m Sarah. Sarah Johnson. Nice to meet you Heracles.”
“The pleasure is mine.” He said, as he set up his easel and sat beside you. You giggled quietly, hearing his accent and finally realizing who he is.
“You’re Greece, right?”
“Y-Yes. How did you know?”
“You’re accent. And my daddy works with you.” You replied, smiling.
“Your…daddy? Who’s your dad?”
“Ahhh. Then you must be the one he mentions constantly! California!”
“Yup.” You giggled.
He had smiled, and you fell in love with it. It wasn’t intimidating like Ivan’s sometimes was, and it was sweet, like your uncle Arthur’s smile.
“Say…would you like to erm…eat lunch with me later?” He had asked, looking away and blushing slightly.
You blushed and nodded. “I’d love to.”
“I’ll see you after class then…” He replied, smiling.
“I guess so.” You said, giggling.

“And then our lunch plans were ruined…” You said, sighing as you continued to walk. You vaguely registered where you were and realized you’d arrived at the park and had walked up to the swings without realizing. You sat on a swing and began kicking your legs back and forth, working to get some altitude. You laughed as you began to swing higher and higher, until your palms started to sweat and they slipped off the chains, sending you flying at the highest point you‘d managed to get to. You screamed, suddenly realizing there was no one else there as you neared the ground. Suddenly, you felt yourself crash into something. Dazed, you looked up to see it wasn’t a something. It was someone.

“Are you alright Sarah?”
“Y-yes…thank you.”
He smiled. “ευχαρίστηση μου. My pleasure.”
Dammit…he needs to stop with that smile of his. You thought, smiling in return.
Heracles looked down at you, in his arms, and his smile grew. I…I love her. I’ve JUST met her…yet I know she’s the one that I want to spend the rest of my life with…
“Would…you like to come over to my house?” you asked, blushing slightly.
“I’d love to…but I need to go get started on my painting.” He replied, sighing.
“You too? We could work in my studio.” You said, smiling. You thought you were the only one who hadn’t started to ACTUALLY paint your painting.
He smiled. “I’d like that very much, Πριγκίπισσα μου.”
“What does that mean?” You asked, smiling.
“It means my princess.” He replied, chuckling.
You blushed, smiling more and hugging him.
He held you close, softly whispering to you in Greek. “Νομίζω ότι σ 'αγαπώ…I think I love you…”
“H-Heracles…I…I think I love you too…” You said, blushing more.
“R-really?” He asked, a slightly shocked look on his face.
“Really…” You said, giggling softly.
He smiled and the two of you began heading to you’re house.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Call Me When You're Sober...Taicho (Alternat/WIP)

He breathed slowly as he walked up to Nanao.
“Nanao-chan~!” He called, planning to once again confess his feelings, even though he knew she’d reject them.
“What do you want Kyoraku-taicho?” She asked, not looking up from her paperwork. He smiled. Maybe today was the day she’d believe his words. After all, he was sober this time.

“Nanao-chan I have something to tell you.”
“Taicho if you’ve come to profess your love to me yet again, I don’t want to hear it. I have far too much paperw-“ She began saying buy Kyoraku had silenced her by pressing his lips against hers. After she had gotten over the initial  shock, he had expected to get  smacked with her book. However she did just the opposite. She began to kiss him back wholeheartedly. Now he was the one in shock. As they slowly pulled apart, he saw that she was shocked as well by her actions.

“T-taicho…” she whispered, touching her fingers to her lips.

“That was better than I’d dreamed, Nanao-chan.”
“Did you dream it often sir?”
He chuckled softly. “Of that and so much more Nanao-chan~.” His voice was suggestive, and her thoughts immediately flew to an area she was inexperienced in. Sex. He kissed her again, this time more passionately. She returned the kiss and felt his hands roaming across her back.

“Kyoraku-taicho…” she breathed out, voice thick with lust and want.

“Nanao-chan, please use my name…”
“Is that an order or a request sir?”
“Both.” he whispered, pressing his lips to her neck.

She groaned as he found her soft spot, him immediately beginning to nibble on the spot.
"K-kyoraku-san." She moaned out breathily.  

A slow smirk appeared on his face as he lay on her a bit, shunpoing them to a different room far from the captain barracks. There upon arrival, he rid them of everything save for his shihakusho pant garments and her underwear, if any, while he kissed down from her neck to her breasts, pulling and teasing her nipples more while softly biting her flesh.

She had to let out a gentle whimper at his roughness. God, did she love it!

"Sh-Shunsui~!" she moaned out loudly. Her nails dug into the flesh of his shoulders somewhat from the sudden arousal she felt.

He grinned even more as he pinched one of her nipples, flicking his tongue over it as he spread her legs farther apart with his other hand, sliding it towards her clitoris, stroking it through the fabric of her panties.

She moaned a little louder, nails digging deeper as she felt that she would almost explode from the contact of his fingers. The pleasure was so terrific.

Nanao and Kyoraku? Ch.3

Nanao's POV again!

"I love you too Nanao-chan~" Shunsui whispered, hugging me against him and lightly kissing my lips. I smiled and as he held me, he whispered in a very...sensual way, "How about we tell the others we're gonna go for a nice long walk~?"

I blushed, immediately understanding his thoughts. "O-ok."

He smiled then groaned slightly. I looked at him and he was gazing at me hungrily. "S-shunsui? Are you alright?" I asked. He chuckled in a way that immediately turned me on.

"Oh I'm fine Nanao-chan~ More than fine in fact~" he kissed my neck, searching for my weak spot.

"S-shunsui! N-not here!" I squeaked, holding back a moan. He chuckled. 

"Alright~ Then lets hurry and tell the other's we'll be back~" 

Nanao and Kyoraku? Ch.2

Kyoraku's POV...

Nanao looked down at the sand, a very light blush upon her face. I sighed softly, hoping to trick her and look at me and she did. When our eyes met, I crashed my lips against her in a passionate liplock. Her response was immediate. She wanted to leave. NOW. I chuckled softly and slowly pulled away with small, quick kisses.

"Shunsui..." she whispered, nuzzling my neck. I smiled, holding her against me as I whispered,
"Yes Nanao-chan~?"
She murmured something against my neck and I chuckled. 
"A little louder Nanao." 
She lifted her gaze to me and whispered, "I love you Taicho." 

I smiled and lightly kissed her again, wrapping my arms around her waist. 
"I love you too Nanao-chan~"

Nanao and Kyoraku?

"K-kyoraku-taicho!" I yelled, blushing and gazing at him while I hid as much exposed skin as possible. 

Oh WHY did I agree to this?! I should have known Rangiku would get him to come!

"Now now Nanao-chan~ Calm down~" he said, chuckling and walking closer to me. "It's a beach day~ Just relax and enjoy yourself~"

I noticed all he was wearing was a pair of swim trunks.
I longed to brush my hands on his chest, but fought the urge. He obviously noticed my discomfort, for he grabbed my hand and shunpoed us behind the snack bar, away from the others prying eyes. 

"Nanao-chan...why do you insist we keep up this charade? Why don't we just tell them so you're not like this around me and people are watching?"  he whispered.

I blushed, looking down at the sand and he sighed, causing me to look up at him. The moment my gaze reached his, he pulled me against him, kissing me with so much passion, I longed to be back at the Soul Society, in one of our rooms.

Are You Really...My Immortal?

(NOTE: This story was inspired by the song My Immortal by Evanescence http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5anLPw0Efmo&ob=av2e)

All I could remember was pain. Large, ungodly amounts of pain. Was I dying? No…dying was supposed to be quick and painless. Then I heard two voices. One male, the other female.
"Evangeline!! Wake up please!" the male shouted. I could hear the worry in his voice. The female laughed…either at him or at me. I wasn't sure but soon, everything started to go pitch black. I could barely hear the male, the last thing I could hear was him yelling my name, then whispering three small words.
"I love you…"

I woke up with a start. The dream had been so vivid….so real. I was afraid. Who was Evangeline…and who did the voices belong to?
I pondered these things while I got up and got ready for school. I pulled on a pair of faded denim jeans and a red v-neck t-shirt. I grabbed my backpack after brushing my waist length, ebony colored hair and went downstairs to get some breakfast. My little sister, Raven, was already there, looking extremely nervous. Then again today was her first day in high school.
"Raven calm down." I said, grabbing a box of cereal and the carton of milk. 
"I'm trying Autumn…It's my first day at a new school though!" She replied.

Call Me When You're Sober...Taicho

Note: The first set of lyrics is NOT Call Me When You're Sober by Evanescence. It is Miracle by Cascada. It was the original song intended but then an AMV made me change my mind. Anyways let the ShunsuixNanao oneshot begin!

  He'd never heard Nanao sing, but the first time he did he wished she'd do so more often. He thought her voice was pure honey with the way each note of the song fell upon his ears.

  ~Boy Meets Girl
  You were my dream my world
  But I was blind
  you cheated on me from behind~

  He flinched as she sang the last line, wondering if she truly thought that about him. She was still obliviousto his presence...or maybe she wanted him to overhear her singing. After a few minutes, the song came to an end and he heard Nanao's sad sigh before she began to sing another, one he was more familiar with.

~Don't cry to me
  If you love me
  You would be here with me
  You want me
  Come find me
  Make up your mind~

  Ok. That he knew was directed at him. How many times had he said he loved her but she blew it off as him being drunk or only pretending? He'd lost track long ago, but he knew that he was telling her the absolute truth each time he said that to her.

~Should I let you fall?
Lose it all?
So maybe you can remember yourself.
  Can't keep believing,
  We're only deceiving ourselves .
  And I'm sick of the lie,
  And you're too late.~

  He felt as if he had received a punch to the stomach. He had so much trouble breathing as she sang. Is that really what his Nanao-chan believed? That he was lying to her? He sighed softly and drank some sake he had with him while Nanao continued to sing.

  ~Don't cry to me
  If you love me
  You would be here with me
  You want me
  Come find me
  Make up your mind~

  He had sat down now. He wondered if she did know he was hearing her every word. With another sip of sake he decided to try and tell her he loved her again, even if it would result in him getting smacked with her book. Oh how he hoped she'd finally listen to him.